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In general, a person’s “CAREER” involves ongoing interactions with society, the educational system, and the employer throughout their lifetime.

The good news is that hiring managers are not always seeking for technical competence when they are employing graduates, despite the fact that we are aware that the competition in the corporate world is quite harsh, especially for beginners. They are aware that while pursuing a part-time job and attending school, you may not have had the opportunity to develop substantial technical knowledge and experience. The “soft” skills or qualities that show you can collaborate well, utilise data to build solutions and make decisions, accomplish goals, and learn fast and effectively are more likely to be sought after. Hence it is important to address the question, “How to develop your skill set?”

Critical thinking:
Practically every profession requires the ability to think critically. Employees must be able to evaluate data in any form, challenge presumptions, test hypotheses, observe, and make conclusions. In addition to being a talent, critical thinking may also become a habit that supports problem-solving.

Although critical thinking may be taught in the classroom, it must also be used in studies and in real-world situations so that you develop the habit of utilising it regularly. When hiring someone, employers place the most premium on their ability to think critically. Even though critical thinking abilities are what companies most value, the typical employer believes that fresh grads are only  “slightly skilled” in these abilities.

How to develop your skill set in critical thinking?

Anyone may start using critical thinking techniques in their career by participating in active learning. There are several possibilities for active learning. Active learning places everyone in a situation that they would be addressing in their work, whether it be a cooperative educational opportunity, an internship, work-based learning, labs, or field experience. By doing this, you receive practical experience as well as the opportunity to test and further develop your problem- solving abilities. Participating in group activities can help you strengthen your critical thinking abilities. You may improve your problem-solving abilities through cooperation and teamwork by taking part in discussions, activities, and interactions with colleagues and superiors.

How do personality assessment tests help to develop soft skills in fresher?
Understanding your strengths and shortcomings is crucial before working on your talents. Swayam Analytics Pvt Ltd offers personality tests to help candidates better understand their characteristics and legitimate career alternatives for beginners. You may test your personality before applying for your first job with Swayam Analytics.